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Technical and creative SERVICES

George W.,
Collins Aerospace

“Michael did an outstanding job of distilling recorded dialogue of two very experienced aerospace engineers’ discussion of a complex topic down to a script for an overview training presentation oriented toward an audience not familiar with the topic.”

Tim Curran,

“I had a great experience with Heather as my editor and would recommend her to anyone looking for an editor who takes the time needed to do the job well. She was extremely helpful to me when I had no idea what to do. She always kept in touch and I am so happy with the results.”

Lucy Kropiwnicki,

“Michael is someone you want on your team. He is creative, reliable, trustworthy and one of the best writers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. He consistently does more than is asked of him – going above and beyond and rolling up his sleeves to get the job done. If you have the chance to work and collaborate with Michael, you will be lucky indeed.”

Contract client, Insurance and Securities EDUCATION

“Working with you was wonderful! Your work has left a lasting impact on the development of new products. I still bring out the standards book we created to guide others on the proper way to create/edit our course text. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into the finished products. Your contribution has helped the company grow immensely and we are sincerely grateful for that.”

William adams,

“You were quite instrumental in crafting my story into something better.  You were able to come up with ways to make it stronger … helped strengthen areas of weakness and by going over the story edit a few times, made me think of additions. I thought you were great in finding the errors that I had and were more than willing to allow what I wanted in the story as character flaws/ideals.”

Diana McMorris,
Raytheon Technologies

 “My customers not only expect excellence in communications strategy and planning, but also in content, execution, and delivery. Michael and Heather’s ability to incorporate the right touch in content tone and messaging while adhering to company and writing style guide standards is unparalleled. If you’re at a loss for words and need help, I highly recommend that you partner with them.”

Britta Barrett Kons, Raytheon Technologies

I love that she always asked the right questions, spoke her mind / perspective and got the job done on time, and edited to perfection. I am truly lucky to have worked and learned from Heather over the past few years.

Angelina Hunt, Aatheart coaching

“Heather Saunders is a wordsmith, building creative words of art to pleasure the lives of all that read.”


Warren Mueller,

“She was a joy to work with. She has great insights that helped me improve the quality of the manuscript. Her commitment to excellence and her willingness to put in extra effort resulted in a partnership that went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend her and look forward to partnering with her on
future books.”




71 Commercial St. #137
Boston, MA 02109