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We believe in the power of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Whether it is a biotechnology experiment on the space station, or after-school clubs teaching how to code, we understand that STEM is how we make change happen, improve our collective knowledge, and tackle our biggest challenges. 

Because it is important that everyone has access to STEM-based learning, we regularly support community-based STEM organizations in the areas we live and work, including the Science Club for Girls, the Museum of Discovery, and a group of high school students who designed, built, and raced a solar-powered go kart.

Our writers conduct research, read source material, and interview experts as necessary to ensure our knowledge of each topic is deep and thorough. Using this knowledge, we present the information in an easily digestible manner, using touchstones from daily life that readers can identify with and mapping complex topics to these to build understanding in a concrete way.

Scientist carefully handling test tube- Nova Arc Content Co. -we can handle your scientific and technical writing and editing needs

As professionals, we are also proud to offer a range of services for any STEM-based organization:

Engaging science and technical writing that covers your organization’s needs, from research reports to marketing, and beyond

High-quality technical editing that checks for spelling, grammar, style, and consistency and ensures all language is clear and understandable for the intended audience

Compelling creative content that helps educate and inspire such as video scripts, social media, blogs, white papers, case studies, marketing campaigns, internal communications, brand journalism articles, and more

Experienced professional industry experts in videography, photography, 3D animation, graphic design, page design, motion graphics, communications, strategy, and other media

A content team with advanced technical skills whose mission it is to inspire curiosity and make science accessible to everyone

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Robotics engineering- Nova Arc Content Co. -we can handle your scientific and technical writing and editing needs


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