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Editing Services

Nova Arc’s editing services ensure content is precise, effective, clean, and consistent. We correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage, and syntax and revise the text for clarity, flow, audience, and style.

Our editors regularly work with large public-facing style guides such as AP and CMOS, and with numerous client internal style and brand guidance. We are adept at differentiating and switching between specific client style requirements, often on a daily basis, and keep an organized style resource library for each client. We also use consistency and automation tools to ensure adherence to both major and custom style guides.

Revising to ensure content is impactful, consistent, and accurate
Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage, and syntax
Enhancing clarity, consistency, and flow while preserving voice and meaning
Collaborating with stakeholders, content creators, management, and production to deliver high-quality final content
Ensuring consistency of content, including all graphic and multimedia elements
Developing, reviewing, and implementing style guidance, and ensuring it is current with industry standards, correct for project-specific needs, and inclusive
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Looking for editors to ensure accurate, publication-ready content? We can help.