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IT and Software

From email on your smartphone to the specialized software that helps your organization thrive, technology can tie us all together. Nova Arc understands the work and complexities that go into providing others with these seamless tech experiences—and the role that your IT or software organization has in making it all happen. 

We know how to translate general technical pieces for everyday understanding. Just like high-quality IT and software can make tech complexities invisible, so do our writing and editing services.

3d modeling- Nova Arc Content Co. -we can handle your scientific and technical writing and editing needs

Whether you’re writing in 1s and 0s or need social media copy, we’ll help you speak the same language as your audience with services that include:

Technical editing that aligns with industry terms and style; checks for spelling, grammar, style, and consistency; preserves the original meaning of all technical content; and ensures language is clear and understandable for the intended reader, from subject matter experts to everyday readers

Technical and creative writing that simplifies your messaging, clearly explains complicated concepts, and precisely conveys important technical details

Engaging creative content—such as video scripts, social media, blogs, white papers, case studies, marketing campaigns, internal communications, and brand journalism articles—that helps explain technical ideas or drive new business

Industry experts in videography, photography, 3D animation, graphic design, page design, motion graphics, and other media that can distill complex ideas

Knowledgeable professional editors and writers who are up to date on current technologies and have experience working in IT and software industries

Our Industry Work

software engineer- Nova Arc Content Co. -we can handle your scientific and technical writing and editing needs

Our Industry Status

Nova Arc Content Co. is an SBA-registered and woman-owned small business with pending official Women-owned Small Business/Economically Disadvantaged Woman-owned Small Business status.

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