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Environment and Nonprofit

You are playing a vital part in building a better world—and we want in. Whether you are an international nonprofit supporting our youth, a small organization dedicated to the care and cleanup of local ecology, or anything in between, we value the impact you are making on our world’s long-term future.

Nova Arc is proud to help you build this brighter path forward for our communities and our world.

wind turbines- Nova Arc Content Co. -we can handle your scientific and technical writing and editing needs

In addition to supporting local nonprofits where we live and work and following internal sustainability initiatives, we can help by providing:

Creative and technical writing that captivates audiences, communicates the vital issues at hand, and motivates community involvement

Attention-grabbing creative content—such as video scripts, social media, blogs, white papers, case studies, marketing campaigns, internal communications, and brand journalism articles—that stimulates grassroot movements

Experienced editing that checks for spelling, grammar, style, and consistency; retains the original meaning of all content; and ensures all language is clear, understandable, and inclusive

Access to experienced professional industry experts in videography, photography, 3D animation, graphic design, page design, motion graphics, and other media

Our Industry Work

Woman gardening-Nova Arc Content Co. -we can support environmental and nonprofit organizations with their content needs

From a STEM club that builds and races solar-powered go karts to youth athletic teams to the Boston-area Science Club for Girls and the central Arkansas Museum of Discovery, we regularly support nonprofit organizations in the areas where we live and work.

We recognize current threats to our environment and support the protection of our planet by addressing the dual crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. To support our goals, we operate as a fully remote business, which helps to limit our environmental impact via elimination of additional electricity use, transportation emissions, and paper and plastic use.


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