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Universities and Research

Researchers are the quiet voices making the big discoveries, the ones dedicating their careers to pushing their fields and all of us forward. Nova Arc understands that our future stands on the shoulders of university and institutional researchers, which is why we want to be your partner in getting the details right, results communicated, and knowledge shared to those who need to know it most. 

software engineer- Nova Arc Content Co. -we can handle your scientific and technical writing and editing needs

Whether you are getting your paper ready for publication or running a marketing campaign to recruit top talent, we can help with:

Skilled technical editing that checks for spelling, grammar, style, and consistency; keeps the original meaning of technical content; ensures language is clear and readable; and checks against publication specifications and requirements

Technical writing that can bring your research or project to life, from white papers to journal articles to multimedia learning materials

Creative content—such as video scripts, social media, blogs, white papers, case studies, marketing campaigns, internal communications, ad copy, brand journalism articles, and more—to help communicate data and research

Videography, photography, 3D animation, graphic design, page design, motion graphics, and other media provided by experienced and high-level industry professionals

Professional editors and writers who have experience working with high-level university and research organizations

Our Industry Work

University student- Nova Arc Content Co. -can handle your scientific and technical writing and editing needs

Our Industry Status

Nova Arc Content Co. is a Small Business Administration Certified women-owned small business with pending official Women-owned Small Business/Economically Disadvantaged Woman-owned Small Business status.

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